Rep James Beverly is Standing Up for Georgians

Reinvesting in Our Communities

Georgia’s rural and suburban communities have suffered at the hands of those who have prioritized power over progress. Rep. James Beverly will continue to look out for those most vulnerable in Middle Georgia and fight to ensure all of its citizens have a safe place to live and work.

Rebuilding Our Economy

Everyone deserves access to affordable transportation, a living wage, a doctor, and a bank. Rep. James Beverly will continue to invest in Georgia’s economy to ensure this is a reality for Middle Georgians.

One of Rep. James Beverly's priorities is continuing to build the strength of Georgia's economy.

One of Rep. James Beverly's priorities is working across the aisle to restore strong leadership and progress to Georgia.

Restoring Strong Leadership

Rep. James Beverly is more than an individual; he is a member of a wider community team. He believes strong leadership means more than just being in charge. With his passion and drive to help others, he’s working across the aisle to bring progress to Georgia. He will work for us, listen to us, and take action.

Reforming the Healthcare System

Health inequity is one of the most pressing issues Rep. James Beverly is working to solve. It’s the reason behind why he first entered the political space to begin with because he recognizes Georgians deserve better from their healthcare system. Having access to good doctors and affordable medicine should be a right, not a privilege, and he’s ensuring that becomes a reality for his constituents.

One of James Beverly's priorities is using his background in medicine to help fuel his passion for a reformed and equitable healthcare system.